A new website, wahoo!!! Get ready for a long update!
I've pretty much been up to the same thing... slow, steady progress. I'm finally getting into a bit of a rhythm here in Connecticut. I go to PT twice a week, OT once, and do speech twice a week on skype. I am back with the same PT and OT I worked up here before, and they're just as fantastic at my slightly further along level. I have updated my gym here at home a little bit, so I can do exercises here on my own. I generally walk on the tred mill, bike, do some exercises on the stairs and parallel bars or work my abs on the matt in the morning, then go for a walk in the yard in the evening.
 I've fallen in love with Roxy, who I feel so lucky to have in my barn because I can ride her 2-3 times a week. I not only have a ton of fun, it's great physical therapy, too. It helps me stretch certain tight muscles, move my hips how I need to when I walk, and I'm certain muscle memory is kicking in and reminding my dormant body of what it's it's supposed to do. I can almost feel my brain renetworking! (not really, but I like to think I can!) I had the PT, Sara, who used hippo therapy up here with me before, to check everything out. I have a groom lead her, Melvin, and Jen and Koryn be sidewalkers, so we're all on a learning curve. It must be pretty hard for them to have to help me even get on or off, but we have a blast, and I feel super fortunate to have them.
Sara, too, was amazed by how perfect Roxy is. (Thank you, Carol, the owner!) She's that ideal combination of sensitive and quiet. Tommy and Dude, my previous therapy loves, were confident in their efforts to ignore me as therapy horses, but Roxy doesn't know what to think of me because sometimes I ask for something totally comprehensibly and perfectly, and sometimes I flop around like holy hell. (However that flops around...) The only other horse I've ever experienced with as pure and well meaning heart as her, with the sole desire to be good, was Mythy, bless his heart. His problem was being strong forward, running through the half halt. I just wanted to take him out for a beer, sit him down, and say, "Look, when I pull on the reins, it means slow down." And I can picture him slapping himself in the forehead, and saying, " Oh! Got it!"

Ckd Dressage


So I finally have the time to change my business name to Ckd Dressage, something that I have been planning to do since my marriage in 2007.