I'm very excited! One of my clients wants to buy me a suitable horse!! Yippee!!! She felt what I meant about needing that relationship over just purely riding. And so the hunt begins! It doesn't need to be fancy at all. Something like Roxy: sensitive,  incredibly sweet, very safe, and well trained. I'd like it to be 3rd, 4th, or PSG because even though I certainly don't need it now, I'm looking for the future, to know I'll have a long lasting partnership. Yipppeeeeeee!!!!

I've also begun therapy at a new place that specializes in neurology. I am excited about it, about the new things they do, seeing the problems with a new set of eyes and fresh ideas on how to work on them. I'll still go to the gym here to do the exercises Sharon did with me, but I'll go to the new place twice a week.

Oh, a follow up from my last entry. Steffen's ride gave me such an incredible, unbelievable amount! I know, at the start, I deplored my inability to FEEL what was going on. But I have to say, he felt FOR me. What I could see him feel, I could feel. So that's opened up a whole new  world. That's why I always went to clinics before, to open my eyes to different things. Ahhh.



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